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  • The Dark Of Letum #1 by Julianna Kelsch

    “You control the monster, he doesn’t control you.” Blurb: Her world has fallen to the Master of darkness, the souls of men consumed by death. Now, death wants her. It began with rumors whispered in secret and carried on the wind. The whispers spread, gaining power, until they became desolate houses with dark, wide-eyed windows […]

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  • Keep Paris by Kelly Kay

    “I just want to be enough” Blurb: Enemies to lovers, close proximity romance with a second chance French twist. Tensions have never been higher, and you know the best way to relieve tension… Paris is the perfect place for first love, but when it doesn’t turn out the way you thought, perhaps Paris is better […]

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  • The C Agreement #2 by R.L. Kenderson

    “You should never do something you don’t want to do sexually.” Blurb: All she wanted was to improve her skills when it came to the C.  I was the girl next door…with a few extra pounds. My job was demanding and kept me on my toes, but when I was deep in a case, it left me little time […]

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  • Tapotement by Spiffie Tiffie

    “Words are hard.” Blurb: Her lover has a dangerous secret that will change everything in this unexpected, explosive romance. In this erotically charged masseuse romance novel, parlor owner Jay needs a security system installed—especially since her ex, Kyle, can’t seem to let her go. When security system owner Reed arrives, Jay wants so much more […]

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